Tuesday, March 22, 2011


You may not care that I have scientifically proven that hell cannot exist, but I do. Another thing that has been scientifically proven is the strength of my convictions in this matter. The last time a pastor told me, "we need to talk about hell;" I let him live, but I didn't like it. Cannot say I like it any better now.

Does that offend your Christian sensibilities? Do you think that "scientifically proven" is scripturally irrelevant? What about this statement?

 to be born again is to know that eternal life is now

Are you Christian enough to understand that statement? I understand it, so did the pastor and his assistant; they didn't think I was anything but Christian. Why, then; do we need to talk about hell?

See how easy it is to prove that hell does not exist? Not convinced? That is because you lack vision... perhaps if we run it in slow motion, go frame-by-frame... I know who I am, what I am, and where I am going;  I assume the pastor and his assistant felt the same. The pastor's problem seems to be, that for all his book learning; a man of simple faith confounded his desire to preach, by undermining the foundation of his personal gospel: the need to talk about hell.

But the Bible says... I can hear the braying of sheep. Who cares what the Bible says? The Bible says whatever the one who speaks wants it to say; if you came here looking for a cherry-picking atheist, best you run away while you still have some wool left. I don't care what the Bible says, I care about what the god of Abraham tells me through the Bible. Know what the last thing he told me was?

Talk to the hand. Well, not to me; to the lady who was on her way to heaven, only to see an upright palm. I have done all that the Bible told me, she insisted. And yet believed me to be the type to cause damnation and eternal suffering, said a voice behind the palm; even worse, you allowed others to believe it...

Of course it was a vision, jeez; that's the way these things are done... this was a vision of essentially zero duration occurring when considering such things during on-line debate.

I have had enough debate. Bunch of sheep gonna believe whatever the want to believe... try to push that crap in my face on the street, however, someone just might get a revelation...

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