Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cause and Effectiveness...

Ever hear the one, goes:

Every effect has a cause ... therefore god?

Bullshit. Kinda god is that? The ineffective kind. Must be, if that god has all these assholes running around spouting causality; when all they are saying, is my cause is better than yours. Na... na... na-na... na! All it is, is grade school name-calling bullshit sponsored by all the waldos that hadda walk 'round; with their briefs pulled up to their ears.

I mean, aren't you fucking insulted? Don't you look at god, and go... Now, there's some shit! You let this people, reduce god to... cause? Think it makes a difference, to go; First Cause? Fuck, no... I got a first cause. Bowel movement. And here I am, spewing shit...

How about this one, ever hear this one? When you hear the truth, you will know it? So, how about it? Ready to take a moment; and listen, maybe get an effect?

To accept god, reject causality.

Yeah. How that shit feel? But... but... but... but... Halting error. Relax, it will pass. You got to have perspective. You got to keep your shit tight. Sit real still, focus upon a single point... god.

One single point, god; one single point, you. Do not move. If you do not cause, there will be no effect; there will be you. There will be god. Let us slow down time. Slow... down... no movement. You. God. Care to guess where we're going?


No movement. No time.

Now, then... People trying to pimp your ride? What are they talking about? Forever. The sum of all time? Why would they do that shit, alla man gotta do; shut his hole, be still... god only moments away, soon as moments become monumental... any man can see? Why the wanna talk about forever?

Cause they wanna see you burn, that's why! How fucking simple is that? These fuckers ain't dumb, they want you to be dumb; the only causality they care about is chains of causality. Remember the points of stillness? Just you and god? Now, how a mofo; gonna connect the dots across the near infinite expanse of forever, end up at god? That's like shooting some eight-ball, talk some smack; I can bank this shot every time.

Every time? Every single time? Are you sure? Are you absolutely positive, you will not miss?

See how they do you? Slip that shit in there, you don't even realize; Did you see it?


That's taking yer eye off god. You've fucked the poodle.

Na... na... na-na... na!

Wanna wise up? Then wake up. There's Buddha, and zen, and tao; tell you all about being still, talk about the nothingness, look like a bunch of peeps, ain't got a whole buncha chains of causality dragging their shit down. You don't even need any words; if it is zen, it is zen...

What, too mystical? And I suppose physics is too hard? Like how it goes: causality determines the arrow of time. It doesn't say, determines that you're gonna burn; it doesn't say, determines next Thursday's lottery, it doesn't say, right. Because it is all right there in what it says; that's science, everything you need, nothing you don't, to make shit work.

Their shit ain't working. Their shit, gets people killed, keeps people lost, makes god look like a chump. They don't give a shit. You get to their heaven, you know where you'll be?

Third grade schoolyard, waldo.

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